Wednesday, May 25, 2011

I'm Back, Did ya Miss Me?

Hi everyone, I'm back. I know I've been gone for a long long time. but I just couldn't deal with the dial up any longer. So now I'm going to try Satellite. I hope it's better. Let see since I was last here whats happen. Well it still snows 8 month out of the year and rains for the remaining 4. I've gotten grayer and fatter. Kellibob is huge. She's two now but there's still way too much pup in her. Let me tell ya what she did last week. She found a cool whip bowl somewhere and played in the pond with it. Of course she just left it there when she was done playing and it floated over to the drain pipe and sucked right on to that pipe. she not only flooded the yard but the road too. The neighbors couldn't believe it. It was quite the job breaking the suction. You should of seen it when that suction was broke, Water gushed along with fish and frogs and all kinds of other critters. It was funny. We picked up the fish and left the others to find their own way back. I hope I am able to keep up this time. Wish me luck on getting Satellite.

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